Proudly situated in Nova Scotia’s thriving hub town, Truro Cannabis is a license-ready producer of medical and adult-use cannabis.

Embracing modern methods, while respecting the traditional agricultural expertise that has shaped Canada’s fertile and flourishing cannabis regions, Truro Cannabis strives to deliver exceptional quality products to patients and consumers across the country, and beyond.

Our Mission


Truro Cannabis marries the rich history and methods of west coast cannabis with a refreshingly personable east coast attitude, committed to bringing you a locally sourced product you recognize, from people you can trust. With state-of-the-art proprietary technology designed to optimize and enhance freshness, profile, and user experience, Truro Cannabis unites advanced plant science with cutting-edge extraction processes and cultivation techniques to bring you a premium product crafted with care.

Our Process


We’re devoted to the artform of tried and tested cultivation methods known worldwide for ensuring optimal production. Our approach to cannabis is hands-on, and deploys craft growing practices in an advanced and tightly-controlled environment, bringing centuries of knowledge and experience into an innovative commercial facility.


We take immense pride in our unique, hands-on growing process, providing each and every individual plant with the intimate care and attention they deserve. Our dedication to outstanding quality means investing the time and patience to simulate the natural growth process in a meticulously controlled atmosphere, bringing you the best of both worlds.

Our Story


Leveraging high-value partnerships with Canada’s true cannabis gurus, Truro Cannbis has developed a diverse professional network of cultivators, physicians, pharmacists, and horticulturalists who are dedicated to our ambitious growth agenda. Beyond our purpose-built 45,000 square foot production facility in Truro, we are building a dynamic portfolio of cannabis infrastructure, comprised of game-changing assets, each with a comparative advantage in a diversity of production methods. As a result, we’re curating a vast catalogue of premium quality cannabis products, tailor-made for all consumer types.


Deeply committed to community involvement and engagement, we embrace social and environmental responsibility in our practices at Truro Herbal. We aim to foster long-lasting partnerships with our indigenous communities and recognizing our presence on ancestral Mi’kmaq territory.

Truro, Nova Scotia

Truro Herbal facility